We have our shampoo, but now we had to give it a name.

This felt like a real opportunity to make it into the top ten worst brand names ever, but when I looked into it, I realised the competition was pretty tough. Here's an amusing list (and if I owned Master Bait & Tackle, coming in at #8, I’d demand a recount)

 Top Ten Worst Names

  1. Analtech
  2. Morning Wood Company
  3. Bunghole Liquors
  4. Poopsie’s
  5. Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace
  6. Passmore Gas
  7. Chew-N-Butts
  8. Master Bait & Tackle
  9. Dumass Taco
  10. Knobs ‘n Knockers

We had our work cut out. Any suggestions, please let us know!